What is a Personal Online Assistant?

Email your Personal Butler tasks and we do them.

It may not exactly be what The Jetsons taught us to expect, but it's pretty close.

Score your own Personal Online Butler! For just $30

(usually $60). you'll get three hours of access to a your own Online Personal Assistant who will complete your admin or research tasks. The service is incredibly efficient and easy-to-use: you email through your assigned tasks to Your Personal Online Butler, a team leader reviews the email to ensure they make sense and then they're completed within a 24-hour time frame! Your clever and hard-working personal assistant can help check and process email, research topics, find sales leads from open databases, set up bookings and even chase up any loose ends on your behalf.


What can we help you with?

A little bit about our company

We do 3 simple things, Time management / Lifehacking coaching, and Personal Assistants including and transcription.

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We have found that people spend too much valuable time on tasks that are not important, and we can coach you on proven tricks and methods to simplify what you do, and can show you how a lot of office work can be automated. This is where we can help you so you can spend more time on the things that are more valuable to you.

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Who are we?

Time management experts, and Personal Assistants

We are a company that has the expertise to show you exactly how to make more time in your day. Typical coaching sessions focus on what you are spending your time on, and we use proven techniques to simplify and eliminate the many tasks that we have to do. We also can assign your own Personal Online Butler, who you can email tasks to such as dictation, online research and anything else you want. We are here to help.